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Ladies and gentlemen, as it stands, right this second I am free.  Free from the bonds, and tyrannical rule of the Infamous Foot Button.  I can now walk somewhat normal, and stretch my toes without pain.  This is most definitely a good thing.  I’ve been button free for about two weeks now, and I must say that it is, in fact the shit!  In about 3 days my cast will be removed.  I’ll be able to wash my leg and entire foot, and walk more normally.  I’ll be moving up to the space boot from the cast so I’m not out of the woods yet.

Kinda like this....

But more like this….

yeah, nowhere near as cool as the name implies

I can’t wait until I get to wear this travesty as it will be the last step in my surgery recovery that actively hinders my movement, and I need some movement in my life in the worst way.  I could go to lose some weight, and diet only does so much for me.  I need to work out as well, and work out a lot.


Diet my ass!!

Either way, I need to get back in the gym, and that begins this week.  I look forward to it.  I’ll I have left to do is check out, and work out.  Consider it done!


I'm going to steal all of your shit!

I woke up this morning to Onslow County Sheriffs cars parked across the street from my house.  Apparently some teenagers had gone through all the cars in the area stealing shit.  I mean the fuckers covered some serious ground, they went through two different, yet connected sub-divisions.  They weren’t breaking into cars, but if your car was unlocked they were going to go through your shit.  I’ve been known to leave my car unlocked, but I also leave nothing of value in my car.  This time my car was locked, and none of my nothing was missing.


yep, it's all here....

Some of my neighbors weren’t so lucky.  They left some very important things in plain view in an unlocked car.  Shit like this is bound to happen.  I mean if you put it out there people will take advantage of the situation.  The cars have working AUTOMATIC locks on the key chain, working AUTOMATIC locks on the doors, and possibly working ALARM systems, none of which were used.  Makes you wonder how people have anything at all.  We all have our ideas on who we think the thief is.  I don’t know the turds name, but he’s the only teenager I’ve met out here that I’ve damn near put into the ground.  I mean this kid had me hot, I was really gonna send this fucker limping home to his father (a senior Marine, mind you) in hopes that I could beat his ass too if her tried to defend his shit stain son.  He set off my neighbor, then me, and then the other neighbor all within seconds of each other.  He had some of his boys with him, but they clearly did not want 800 pounds of pain coming their way.  My kids were watching me flip out and they started crying thinking I was gonna kill this kid and go to jail.  My wife was worried too untill she heard him say this key phrase “My dad is a Master Sergeant!”.  Sorry son, your gangster membership has been revoked, you are no longer allowed to pretend to be hard, you can’t even make my wife scared of you.  You fail at being gangster.  You fail, so very very bad.


"Hurry up mom, take the picture!" "Dudes, we are SOOOO gangster!"

I actually HOPE it’s him, and that one of us catches him.  That will be an asswhippin to remember.  I’d YouTube that shit in a heartbeat!  Let me put up one more fake gangsta picture.  I don’t think you fully understand how NOT gangsta these kids were.


Just because I hope he can read, and reads this.


Here is a link to some more fake gangsta pics because seriously, fuck those kids!

That’s all I got for today.  I should have more next weekend as I have a birthday, get my cast removed, and return to work this week.  Should be pretty eventful.  I look forward to sharing it with you guys.

And here is some WTF for the road.


Walmart trash

The sad part was that the kid drove there because mommy was too drunk.....

crack whore

Why is she famous again?

Google these guys, find them, then burn them to the ground

I got nothin.....

are they out of paper or something?

so excited

You know she is just foaming at the mouth waiting of March 14th!

With that one, don’t let March 14th catch you off guard.  Get your favorite cut of steak lined up, as well as your favorite lip gloss.  Celebrate with style, and enthusiasm.  Feel free to leave a comment folks.  I’m out!


Most religions have some type of holy book, or scripture, or the written ramblings of a prophet or something they base their religion on.  These texts provide the framework for all aspects of the worshipers life from the morning routine to finances.  The Holy Bible, Torah, and Qua ran are all different texts followed by different people, but all share some very basic principles.  “Don’t steal shit”, “Don’t kill people (unless it’s for your God)”, “treat other with love compassion and respect”, “don’t lie”, “get married before sex (I know…..)”, “take care of your family”, “be a good wife/husband”, don’t have relations with other peoples’ wives/husbands” and so on.  I will be publishing my own writings that I think are pretty good.  Now by no means do I think I’m this jack-ass:

I'm not Jesus, and neither is he.....

But I think most of the writings cover basic common sense.  Today I published my first verse from the Book of Dirty.  Dirty 1:13 is as follows;

The greatest sin one person can commit towards another is betrayal. Murder ends ones suffering, but betrayal leaves lasting pain, and further corrodes future relationships.

These will be published every blog post, and in no logical order.  Please do not attempt to assemble the book in order, it will not make sense.  Just roll with the lessons, not the order in which they are presented.

Today I reinforced another valuable life lesson: People are shady ass hell, and they suck.

I was helpless as my hands were full with my own life....

So without going into detail, I got thrown under the bus.  Once again.  When will I learn to not give a fuck?

I just healed from the last bus tossing! DAMNITT!!!

In other news, I was able to somewhat accelerate my departure from this hellhole.  I spoke with my shoulder surgeon and got the thumbs up to get my foot and ankle worked on next month.  This saves me about 4 months of healing time, and less healing time means less time I have to be HERE.  As I approach my original EAS certain things take on a whole new painful flavor.  Duty sucks that much more.  RSO duty is that much more a waste of time.  Suicide watch makes that much less sense.  Freedom was so close, and I pushed it away to get my health in order.  I know it was the right thing to do, but right this second, I regret it.  I regret the hell out of it.

Such a familiar look for me these days.....

I was told today by the Chaplin today (yes things are THAT bad) to persevere.  That sounds good except I don’t feel that all the drama is necessary.  My desire to persevere something unnecessary is pretty low, as I need it for things that ARE necessary.  Just because I can take a bullet to the thigh does not mean I want to shot in my damned thigh.  I may lack the required wisdom to tell if I can control this situation, but I will sure as hell try my best to make it better.  I have to shake off the haters, and keep it pushin.

Maybe they'll run out of shit to stab me with, or just get tired of it... I hope.

With that said, I leave you with more passages from the Book of Dirty;

Dirty 1:7 – Dirty 1:12

And then Dirt Diggler shook off all the haters.  With all his rage He looked up into the sky and let forth a primal scream that shook windows and frightened both man and beast.  He then looked the haters in the eye and said onto them. “fuck you haters.  I’m out”  And then He left, deuces held high.

If you have any comments, feel free to leave em here.  I answer all my comments, unless you don’t want me to.

This is who came to fix my A/C

Along with THIS dipshit!


If it’s one thing I hate it’s someone trying to steal from me.  You can walk up to me and disrespect me, and I’ll live with that because we can handle that right there on the spot.  You can be a dirt bag, drug addicted loser in all things life.  I’m OK with that, I know you for who you are and will never be a victim of yours. 

Might as well be my uncle.....

But a thief posing as a mechanic, repairman, contractor, or otherwise is one thing I cannot get over, one thing I cannot let slide.  As previously posted, my A/C fell apart and was in need of repair.  I, unfortunately do not have the training or equipment to correct this.  I actually HAVE to call someone else to come fix that damned thing.  No problem, I paid a pretty penny to extend the warranty on my home just in case something like this happened.  I call the warranty company, the contact a company who then contacts me to schedule the maintenance and all I pay is a $60.00 service charge.  That’s it, cut and dried, $60.00 will fix damn near anything in my home.  Manley Heating and Cooling decided to try to get me for an additional $120.00.  Here’s how it went down……

Repair guy A shows up, troubleshoots, and finds the problem.  It’s the condenser, the condenser is old and has very non-earth friendly freon in it.  This stuff has to be disposed of, and that service is not free.  Repair guy A tries to plant the seed using that logic, “hey man…. there might be a disposal fee….”  I ask if my warranty company covers that.  He says “they normally don’t”, and I reply with “I’ll give them a call and check…”  Time passes and I call the warranty company to check status on the part delivery, and weather or not I have to pay any additional monies.  I was told “no” by the nice lady on the phone.  She reassured me that my contract stated the $60.00 fee was all I would ever have to pay.  If the A/C really did burst into flames, they would pay for a whole new unit to be installed, and I would pay $60.00.  Good stuff.  I am now armed with information.

Repair guy B shows up to install my part.  I am happy, because it looked like it was going to get hot that day.  He install the new parts, and turns on the A/C.  It’s blowing really cool air.  I am extraordinarily happy at this point.  He then shits on my day with this statement “OK, that will be $120.00.”  Excuse me jackass?  I reply with “I spoke with my warranty company last week and they said all I had to pay was the $60.00 service charge.”  He countered with ” well… you are authorized a certain amount for the repair, anything over that you have to cover…” touche fucker, but I’m an asshole and you have misunderestimated me.  “Let me give them a call to verify that I heard everything they said correctly….” I say.  “Let me call my boss”  He says.  I explain the last 10 minutes of my life to who I believe to be the same woman I spoke with last time.  She now sounds agitated, and she tells me once again that the $60.00 service fee is all that I pay, she also says that Manley Heating and Cooling should contact her company to work out any invoice discrepancies.  As I was telling repair guy B this new old information, he tells me that his boss say to write the invoice stating that I don’t have to pay anymore than what I have.

I guess this shit OK as long as you are military

I sign the invoice and give him exactly $00.00 on top of the $60.00 service fee I already paid.  I guess people are too trusting out here.  If he makes 10 repairs over the course of a day, and gets an extra $120 per house, he brings in an extra 1,200 per day.  That’s $8,400 per week, $33,600 per month, and $403,200 per year.  That money is on top of legit fees being provided by the warrantee companies and other paying customers.  I know they make more than 10 calls a day so the math just goes up from there. 

Now I can’t knock an honest hustle.  If you are selling candy or something that effect for your school, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts….. I’m all for that.  But when you cross that line and lie to people and steal their money, you deserve to be shot.  People put their lives on the line in foreign countries out here for not a lot of money, and these people try to steal what little they have.  For shame!!  What about you guys?  Ever had a business try to shaft you and get caught in the act?  Ever get shafted by a business and never have any get back?  Tell me about it.  Feel free to leave a comment.