Per my last blog dated yesterday, you should know that I’m currently in a holding pattern in Ali Al Salem LSA in Kuwait.  First let me share my feelings on the country: not a fan. At. All.  Kuwait has all the allure of the grandmother who had the plastic on the furniture that was so un-goddamned-comfortable, and FORCED you to sit on it while she watched her stories. (soap operas)  While living here, I did a total of 0 fun things, because this country simply outlawed all fun.  There is no alcohol, no porn, and everything is super expensive.  I mean you can find alcohol and porn, but then the Kuwaiti secret police come and take you away.  To where?  Nobody knows…….

"You hear that? Sounds like fun." "C'mon man, we gotta job to do..."

But I digress…… Ali Al Salem honestly has nothing to do except eat, sleep, poop, and occasionally laundry.  It’s simply where diets go to die.  On top of that there are no TRUE buildings here, just tents and modular structures.  It seems like they set this place up to last like 6 months, then decided it was hellish enough to make sure no one would get comfortable here and try to stay longer than they had to.  I swear, I’ve done NOTHING since I’ve been here!  Not a damned thing!  This is just like the other two times I’ve been here, bleh!


I'm going to start doing this, just to have something to do.....

Now, allow me to extol the virtues of my favorite YouTube “channel?”.  Action Figure Therapy.  ( It’s the G.I. Joe action figures you grew up with monologing about their problems, and they has some serious problems.


This is Jungle Recon. You will learn to love him and his quirks.


There are a few characters, notably; Angry Ranger, Jungle Recon, Snow Patrol, Action Figure Therapy Marine (my favorite), Comm Tech, Injun Joe with his eagle named Eagle, the Office Manager , and several other of little to no consequence.  They are all voiced by comedians who never served a single day in the military, but I have to wonder about that with the in depth knowledge of how the military actually works.  Everything from the cluster-fuck that is the command, to the general Marine-ness of the Marine character.  I swear, these videos are what keep me from smiting soldiers on a daily basis, or should I say KEPT me from smiting soldiers on a daily basis.  The bastards blocked YouTube and pretty much all other forms of video on Kandahar about two weeks ago.  I normally wouldn’t have any issues with this, but one of the biggest reasons I didn’t blog for the last few months was that the internet in the rooms fucking sucks!  Trying to download pictures is a huge ordeal, trying to download a 2-6 minute video would probably send me into a no-shit “fit of rage”.  There are so many things to be pissed about, but I try no to let it get to me.  I have an awesome group of people I smoke cigars with on a damn near daily basis.  I will have to post a blog about the Kandahar Koughers and it’s motley cast of characters that keep me going even after THEY FUCKING BLOCKED action figure therapy.  Thank you for your time.  Feel free to comment, I like comments!