This is the first post done completely by touch screen.  I’m using my android tablet to draft it so please bear with me. Soon I’ll be going to the ‘airport’ on my way to Afghanistan.  While I am kinda excited about moving on to make more money, I am apprehensive about going there. I will be in a safe area of the country so I’m not worried about danger. If its my time, then its my time, no sense in running.  But while I’ve been able to keep my shit together since. I left home in pursuit of fortune, I’ve felt more alone than anything.  I’m surrounded by people, but for the most part I am alone here.  I do have time nearly everyday where I chat with my family, I wish I could see them.  I really miss my wife.  I miss her companionship, conversation, everything.  Some of you know how I feel.  Some know what it feels like to be away from loved ones, some of you don’t and never will.  I don’t write this in hopes of sympathy.  Not at all.  I do not need sympathy as it does not benefit me at all. I’m just using this seldomly read forum to express some feeling.  I do have someone I talk to out here, but he is not a substitute for my family.  Nothing other than my ladies will do, but I am here for them.  This is our sacrifice for the future.  There is so much I could say about this place.  Today’s temp was 122°F.  Kuwait is constantly dusty and windy.  The people here are all dicks.  My roommate is an absolute slob with some serious personality/mental defects whom I’m growing to hate as a person.  My supervisor is not all that great at his job.  The list goes for damn ever.  Minor inconveniences, but without some sort of outlet, it simply compounds.  Oh well.  This is the path I’ve chosen, suffer now, rest later.  Thank you all for your time.