Well, looks like the part for our A/C comes in Monday.  We should be back to chillin by Tuesday hopefully.  Nobody wasted nobody.  Good times.  Little baby Shaun has 5 glorious teeth in her mouth now, and I’m waiting for number 6 to break through.


Rianna, and Ayana are doing great in school right now and we hoope to keep them engaged and doing well.  Rianna’s football team is pretty funny.  There are some kids who I swear are big enough to buy smokes and not get carded, and some that cant even ride the teacups because they are so small.  Rianna is somewhere near the smallish side.

That's pretty much how she sees it

It’s been an interesting experience nteaching my daughter how to play football.  How violent to you make an otherwise sweet 8 year old girl.  How much aggression do you bring out.  If she were bigger I would pretty much let things just happen naturally.  Since she is small, she has to bring more force, to the table to be effective in tackling and running the ball, two things she will be expected to do at linebacker, and running back.  I’ve seen her pop the crap out of the kids on her team, and then just kinda stand there and not take them down.  I’ve also seen he destroy kids.  She’s getting better though, I watched her completely own some kid yesterday, and I’ve seen her lay into the biggest kid on the team with no fear.


She didn’t take him down, but she stopped him in his tracks.  The coaches say that with her speed and nose for the ball, she should do well this season, lets all hope so.  Ayana might be starting in flag football this year.

Ayana could OWN the league is she wanted to

THAT should be an intersting experience.  Ayana’s personality is peculiar to say the least, and despite her size, and physicallity, her reaction to someone taking her flag should be worth recording and sharing.  We hope there are still slots open for her to play, she needs to be involved in a sport as well and football might be really fun for her.  Just though I’d give you guys an update since it’s been a while since my last post.  Feel free to comment.